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TIME? I can't go back there!

Frovakin! Narwhalborn

Mage of Time


Hello. I am Kate. Some of my friends call me Fro. I am a college student in the Environmental Health and Safety field. I will OSHA regulate the shit out of you.

My ACNL dream address is 4200-2623-0494

Self-proclaimed, #1 pokemon pinball wizard. Tell me your high score. I'll have beaten it.

The Abomination

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I always wanted to follow shad with one of these and stop directly behind him but fuck the game for not letting me



lonk ness monster

i did not spend 10 minutes on this for one note

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Daughter of house owner is possessed by the holy spirit. He almost got us fired

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Oh, no, wait, she’s possessed by something

The second house owner is about to stumble upon her kid who might have just gone super saiyan

My tactless character is now in charge of distracting one of the house owners. This is a mistake.

Separate it! It’ll go bad quicker!

One of the party members had to roll strength to move it



The closet is full of produce